Fadia’s Tree

Fadia’s Tree

Sarah Beddington 1h 18min

Original title : Fadia’s Tree

Directed by : Sarah Beddington

Fadia’s Tree (2022) is a documentary by Sarah Beddington, selected in the “Competition Prix PRESENT” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Sarah meets Fadia in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. The village where Fadia’s family once lived is located 15 kilometers from a border she cannot cross. She challenges Sarah to find an old mulberry tree, the last witness to her family’s existence in a country where she is not allowed to go. Sarah sets out to search for this tree, while millions of migratory birds fly over the region.



“There is a great sadness and a great frustration in this film, despite the plaintive happiness with which Loubani greets hopeful news of her tree. It’s a film that sets anger and to some extent politics to one side in favour of a sombre, supportive, emotional portrait.”
The Guardian.


“Whilst living in the Old City of Jerusalem I discovered the work of local ornithologists and was struck by the contrasting freedom of the birds migrating through the skies and Fadia’s enforced stasis on the ground. Her subsequent challenge to find an ancient mulberry tree that marked her ancestral home was a turning point that came with much responsibility – if alive, the tree would stand as testament to Fadia’s historic and cultural identity.”
Sarah Beddington.

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