Woman on the roof

Woman on the roof

Anna Jadowska 1h 37min

Original title : Kobieta na dachu

Directed by : Anna Jadowska

With : Dorota Pomykala, Bogdan Koca, Adam Bobik

Woman on the roof (2022) is a fiction by Anna Jadowska, selected in the “Competition Prix SAUVAGE” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Mirka, a sixty-year-old midwife, leads an impeccable life with her husband and their son. However, one morning, something changes. After getting up early, hanging the laundry, and buying food for her fish, she attempts to rob a bank armed with a kitchen knife. Her desperate act fails but forces her to reconsider her life.



“Jadowska makes the world that Mira inhabits one of stark realism, which leaves very little space for levity or love. Cinematographer Ita Zbroniec-Zajt suffuses everything with unforgiving white or icy greys. Even with much of the film taking place against the summer sunlight, it creates the feeling of an environment that is harsh and exposing, rather than warm and forgiving. There’s a creeping sense of both oppression and indifference. It makes for a movie that is often dour and melancholy, though with the tiniest glint of hope”
Laurence Boyce, Europa.net

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