That They May Face The Rising Sun

That They May Face The Rising Sun

Pat Collins 1h 51min

Original title : That They May Face The Rising Sun

Directed by : Pat Collins

With : Barry Ward, Anna Bederke

That They May Face The Rising Sun (2023) is a fiction by Pat Collins, selected in the “Prix SAUVAGE Competition” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Joe and Kate live the good life in a corner of Ireland where Joe grew up. He writes, she is a photographer. Creative days blend with tending to the beehives, growing vegetables, and welcoming any neighbor who wishes to drop by for a chat, have a cup of tea, or seek advice. There seems to be no serpent in this Eden, but as we witness the changing seasons and interactions between Joe, Kate, and the locals, underlying conflicts begin to emerge.



“John McGahern’s (1934-2006) ultimate work, a great master of Irish literature, this judiciously reissued novel sounds, twenty years later, like a poignant homage to a bygone Ireland. One of a dying rural culture, of vanishing traditions. The days pass, bringing “the sensation, akin to an underground river, that a day would come when the memory of these days would be that of happy times.”
Vincent Remy, regarding “Amongst Women” by John McGahern, Télérama

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