Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Ena Sendijarević 1h 38min

Original title : Sweet Dreams

Directed by : Ena Sendijarević

With : Lisa Zweerman, Hayati Azis, Florian Myjer et Renée Soutendijk

Sweet Dreams (2023) is a fiction by Ena Sendijarević, selected in the “Competition Prix SAUVAGE” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

On a remote Indonesian island, during the waning days of the colonial era, Dutch sugar plantation owner Jan and his wife Agathe are at the top of the food chain. That is, until Jan, upon returning from his nightly visit to his native concubine Siti, suddenly drops dead in front of his wife. Desperate to keep the privileges of her status quo, Agathe forces her estranged son Cornelis and his pregnant wife, Jesefine, to travel from Europe and take over the family business. In the midst of a worker’s uprising, Cornelis displays his plans for progressive change. But when Jan’s will puts Siti at the forefront of the family estate, ideals prove to be idle and blood thicker than water.



“The result is an analysis of power structures in the colonial past, presented from a female perspective – power structures that still exist today in our globalized world.”
Imaz Press.


“The story of the film can be called a horrific fairy tale. While I never made the atrocities in the story bigger than the atrocities I encountered while researching the situation then and there, I did choose to approach these atrocities through an absurdist and alienating lens. Sweet Dreams is a film that emphasizes the banality of evil. It is not a conventional period film, but a stylized satire.”
Ena Sendijarević.

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