Laurens Pérol 1h 17min

Original title : Å Øve

Directed by : Laurens Pérol

With : Kornelia Melsæter, Fride Snipsøyr Holøs, John Inge Johansen

Practice (2023) is a fiction by Laurens Pérol, selected in the “Competition Prix SAUVAGE” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Trine refuses to fly. When the 18-year-old climate activist and trumpet talent gets invited to an audition at the famous Opera House in Oslo, she only has days to travel over 1500 km from the remote Lofoten islands to the capital. Trying to stay true to her principles, Trine decides to hitch- hike, relying on the kindness of a series of strangers who will pick her up. On a road trip through the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Norway, her passion for music and her environmental idealism are put to the test.



“This film demonstrates how challenging it can be to remain true to one’s principles. We can be torn in different directions. A promise we make to ourselves can lead to a series of challenges.”
Kornelia Melsæter,

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