Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring 1h 46min

Original title : Peter Pan

Directed by : Natacha Samuel, Florent Klockenbring

With : Arthur Vogele, Matilde Vandendorpe

Peter Pan (2023) is a fiction by Natacha Samuel and Florent Klockenbring, selected in the “Competition Prix SAUVAGE” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Djibril is in his early twenties, his pockets are empty, the girl he loves doesn’t want a child with him, his mother is too symbiotic and his mixed-raced father never left Africa to meet him. His desires are as strong as the abysses that haunt him. Without a warning, he leaves the idyll deep in the countryside and flees to Marseille to meet an old friend and his son, find a job in the port city in full reconstruction, dream of leaving for Africa in the footsteps of his own story, and ours. Thus starts his oblivious meandering, from tiled roofs to damaged asphalt roads, from activists’ bars to small venues that never close, opening himself to new encounters. He creates new bonds, immediately powerful. Only love can save, they all know that. But reality lies in ambush and isn’t any more tender to lost children than to free pirates – Menouar, the thief-filmmaker, knows it only too well, he who will risk his last breath there.



“Marseille, Spring 2002. The extreme right shatters the landscape of the elections but does not succeed to taint neither the blue sky nor the ardor of the youth demonstrating in the streets. A flamboyant boy moves from rooftop to rooftop, another one already damaged by prison claims the right to steal just to feed himself, a girl has long since forgotten about shoes and prefers to feel the asphalt under her bare feet, all of them getting drunk together on the nights and mornings of the African city.”
Natacha Samuel.

“With actors who are not comedians but beings close to the roles, vagabonds without ties and people of the night. With a camera always handheld, body and look unstable among unstable bodies and looks. For a film where all are both black and white, girls and boys, old and young, cruel and tender, and their stories both real and imaginary”
Natacha Samuel.

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