Echo of you

Echo of you

Zara Zerny 1h 16min

Original title : Echo of you

Directed by : Zara Zerny

Echo of you (2023) is a documentary by Zara Zerny, selected in the “Competition Prix PRESENT” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

A group of Danish men and women, all aged 80 and over, share their reflections on couple life with poignant honesty. They have all lost the person who shared their life. Zara Zerny tenderly gathers their individual voices like a choir, intertwining them with abstract and dreamlike images of their inner world. Together, they form a kaleidoscope of diverse perspectives on love, life, loneliness, and death.



“Unveiling the poetry of enduring romance, this film celebrates the beauty that transcends time, proving that love is not bound by years but strengthened by them.”
Alekasandar Govedarica, producteur.

“My goal was not to reach a conclusion about whether this generation’s view of partnership and love is better than that of other generations. But maybe there was something to learn. My generation and those that follow have become more independent and there are now fewer marriages that last 60 years. And I would like younger generations to ask themselves what will be most important to them at 95: family, love, work, wealth, etc..”
Zara Zerny, Film Freeway.

“Zara Zerny starts from the theme of the loss of her life partner, and manages to reach the essential, that is to say the “vitality of life”, when she takes her film on an unexpected path in its second part.”
Ziguy Leoni.

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