Voice of the Others

Voice of the Others

Fatima Kaci 30min

Original title : Voice of the Others

Directed by : Fatima Kaci

With : Amira Chebli, Siham Eldawo, Mohamat Amine Benrachid, Hala Alsayasneh

Voice of the Others (2023) is a fiction by Fatima Kaci, selected in the “Competition Prix SAUVAGE CORTO” section of the 19th edition of the Paris European Film Festival, Europe by Europe.

Synopsis :

Rim is a Tunisian interpreter working in France on asylum procedures. Every day, she translates the stories of men and women in situations of great distress whose voices echo her own story. One day, her empathy for one of these people pushes her to commit a serious professional error…



“This film presents itself as a mise en abyme of cinema where there is a certain staging during these interviews, tension, a desire to convince on the part of the emigrated individuals. It’s almost like a ‘casting,’ as in a movie; it really evokes cinema, all this dynamic linked to the stakes of ‘representations.'”
Fatima Kaci – Formatcourt.com

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