The Pawnshop

The Pawnshop / Lombard

(Documentary, Poland, 2022, 81’, C, En/Fr ST)

by Łukasz Kowalski

The Pawnshop


Jola and Wiesek, a colorful couple, run the biggest pawn shop in Poland. A business that used to be profitable, but now times are hard, and bankruptcy threatens. To survive, the two owners have a brilliant idea. The result is a hilarious and heartwarming film about the woes of affluent society.


« The Pawnshop is also a comedy about maladjustment. Those who work there wonder how to unload their knick-knacks, those who come to sell their junk find only the most unconvincing arguments, and Kowalski’s camera captures this little theater with vivacity. It’s not so much about condescension as it is about the power of survival: indeed, there is talk of “Perseverance Street,” which is not far from the store. »Nicolas Bardot,, April 2022


Łukasz Kowalski


Film Author :

Łukasz Kowalski

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