Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek / Nascondino

(Documentary, United Kingdom / Italy, 2021, 88’, C, En / Fr ST)

by Victoria Fiore

Hide and Seek


Nascondino follows four years in the life of “scugnizzo”, street kid Entoni as he fights for freedom during a state crackdown on children at risk of entering organized crime. Meanwhile his grandmother Dora, the family matriarch, watches him roam the narrow city streets while confronting her own past horrors. In the city of Naples, a world where nothing is as it seems, dreams and half-truths may be their only chance of survival.


It’s hard to pin down the exact moment I started work on this project, because it all happened very spontaneously. I was hosting a flm workshop. A social worker from the Spanish Quarters Association, who’s also a friend of mine, Eleonora Dell’Aquila, showed me videos of children describing Naples using expressions typically associated with this area, and these children asked me to film the “cippo” [the annual St. Anthony celebrations organized by the Quarters]. We involved them in the project, we gave them GoPro cameras and we asked them to tell us about this tradition. This would become our early material, which we then used to develop Hide and Seek. It was through this experience that I met Entoni. He took a particular interest in the camera. He wanted to shoot Titanic on the beach with his cousin and talk to us about his dreams and his neighborhood. He showed real creativity. » Victoria Fiore, Cineuropa, 2022


Victoria Fiore


Film Author :

Victoria Fiore
Victoria Fiore

Victoria Fiore is an Italian flm director, writer and editor based between Naples and Rio de Janeiro. Her debut feature documentary Nascondino is currently on the festival circuit after premiering at the BFI London Film Festival 2021 in the Grierson Competition and in the main competition at CPH:Dox 2022. She is currently developing a fction feature Aida, selected for the Locarno Residency development program. Her series Le cose belle was selected for Torino Series Labs. Becoming Maestre (2023) is being supported by the Netfix Italy & Premi David Di Donatello program. Trained in flm education at the EICTV Cuba, she offers workshops and mentorship for young people and social causes. She also edits broadcast documentaries, including recent credits for Topic Stories and VICE. In Rio de Janeiro, she has worked with the Theatre Center of the Oppressed and is a samba dancer at GRES Paraíso do Tuiuti, GRES Académicos do Salgueiro, and GRES Paraiso School of Samba in London.

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