Antologion / Антологион

(Experimental, Ukraine, 1996, 77’, BW, OV)

by Aleksandr Balagura



ANTOLOGION – from the ancient Greek «harvest, crown of flowers; harvest of poetic passages»… Antologion is a film of assemblage, – an attempt to imagine an Ukrainian film with its own plot, aesthetics, intonation, an attempt to create an organic interlacement, a cine- rhapsody, founded on fragments of classical films produced in Ukraine during the Soviet period. This film is a homage to the centennial of the cinema.


“The relation between poetry and memory are explored through the archival medium. The interplay between memory and its reconstruction, references to the fragility and durability of archival images, the regional identification of Ukrainian cinema and poetic experimentation, all characterize Balgura’s film. Although taken from different parts of film, the poetic images all appear to be questioning the same myth, “the myth of lost paradise”, and the need to sacrifice it. Perhaps this sacrifice of a lost paradise, the paradise portrayed in the mythical images of Ukrainian cinema, away from totalitarianism, is implemented by the making of this film. The film sacrifices and resurrects images for the spectator to reconstruct Ukrainian identity and its version of national memory.” Anna Doyle, « Poetry and Cinematic Memory »,

Film Author :

Aleksandr Balagura
Aleksandr Balagura

Aleksandr Balagura was born in 1960 in Luboml (USSR, actual Ukraine). He graduated in History from Kiev State University. From 1989 to 1998 he worked as film director at Ukrainian Documentary Film Studios. His first short film To Our Brothers and Sisters was awarded the Documentary prize at Festival dei Popoli in Florence in 1990. In 1991, he presented in Florence his second short film Widow-Street (out of competition). He has shot more than 20 documentaries among which Antologion (1996), Wings of a Butterfly (2008), selected in Festival Cinéma du réel and Torino IFF, Life Span of an Object in Frame (2012) – Jury’s Special mention at FID Marseille. His film Story for an Empty Theatre (2016), made together with avec Cesare Bedogné, was selected in more than 30 international festivals and received numerous awards as Best Documentary and Best Experimental film. He has been living and working in Genoa, Italy, since 1998.

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