Fabian Krebs

Fabian Krebs


Czech Republic

The cinematographer and video artist Fabian Krebs (*1981) lives in Bern, Switzerland. Krebs studied photography at the School of Art and Design in Bern and worked as a freelance photographer and photo artist during and after his studies.

In addition to his photography studies, Krebs completed a film course at the School of Art and Design in Bern in 2017. As part of artist-in- residence scholarships, he lived in Oslo, Berlin and Porto. In 2022, Krebs received the Bernese Film Fund's further education scholarship to complete a one-year intensive study program at the renowned FAMU film school in Prague. He is currently working on various film and video art projects, focusing on his work as cinematographer. Krebs Krebs is also a member of the performance group Freedom Club, where he is responsible for the video installations.

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