Land of Warm Waters / Melegvizek orszàga

by Igor and Ivan Buharov

(Fiction, Hungary/Slovakia/Germany/Norway, 2021, 82’, C, En ST)

with Szabo Domokos, Török-Illyés Orsolya, Hajdu Szabolcs, Péva Ibolya, Bagdiné Kovács Mári, Nyitrai Illés

Land of Warm Waters

In a universe made up of equal parts of dream and reality, fantastical characters indulge in their own metaphysical introspection using any methods that will allow them to escape a hierarchic system of values and break free of organized oppression.

“We have always considered cinema as a kind of treatment, in which the audience’s unconscious and intelligence are meant to develop a meaning, a story. We are the shamans who accompany them on their Ayahuasca trip. And we feel that we should rebel against the linearity of screenwriting.  Anyone can make a TV series; we cultivate a diversity that is so out of fashion in Hungary.” Brothers Buharov,

Trailer du film

Igor and Ivan Buharov
Igor and Ivan Buharov

Kornél Szilágyi and Hevesi have worked together making independent films since 1995, using the pseudonyms Igor and Ivan Buharov. They are also involved in the creation of several music projects and film music. Their works always dance on the edge of fine arts and cinematography, at the frontier between dreams and reality. The Buharovs film mainly in Super 8, combining experimental shooting style and classic narration. They are the authors of The Programme (1998), The Triumph of Sympathy (2000), Slow Mirror (2007), Rudderless (2011), Meteorit Buddha (2013), Most of the Souls that Live Here (2016).

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