Morning / Morgen

by Knut Erik Jensen

(Fiction, Norway, 2018, 15’, BW&C, En ST)

with Lilly Jørstad, Per Kjerstad, Ellinor Haug Jensen, Kristian Johansen

hors compétition


A woman appears in a surrealistic landscape that bears the marks of a violent past. Her song resounds through the space.

Knut Erik Jensen
Knut Erik Jensen

Knut Erik Jensen (1940) is a Norwegian director, screenwriter, and producer. After studying French, Russian and History, he entered London Film School, and then went to work at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). With his own company, Nordkappfilm, he made films in all cinematographic forms and formats. Knut Erik Jensen is the author of the documentary series Finnmark between East and West (1983-86), which won the Amanda Award for the best Norwegian film, the feature- length documentary Cool and Crazy (2001) and many short subjects. He also directed four feature films : Stella Polaris (1993), Burnt by Frost (1997), Passing Darkness (2000) and Icekiss (2008). He is one of the founders of the Nordkapp Film Festival.

Other movies: Competition Prix Sauvage

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