When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest / 直到海里长出森林

by Guangli Liu

(Documentary, France, 2020, 21’, BW, En ST)

When the Sea Sends Forth a Forest

Through a 3D virtual universe simulated by a game engine intertwined with historical pictures, a lost moment of history can be experienced. The story revolves around the memory of a Chinese survivor of the Khmer Rouge. This tragedy, which took the lives of 2 million people, continues to reshape the present in virtue of today’s narration.

“An encounter with a forgotten community in Chinese history was the starting point of this project. Over time, I gradually established an image of French Indochina in the 1970s. It isn’t about judging history through the mixture of 3D and archive, but to provide a space in which the past can seek to become present again.” Guangli Liu

Trailer du film

Guangli Liu
Guangli Liu

Guangli Liu was born in 1990 in Lengshuijiang, China. He currently lives and works in Paris. Passionate about image-making, he has developed an art practice around painting, video art, 3D animation, and virtual reality. Guangli Liu graduated from Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in 2020.

Other movies: Competition Prix Sauvage Corto

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