Youthful / Juvénile

by Vincent Duluc-David

(Fiction, France, 2021,16’, BW, En ST)

with Coline Béal, Maxime Bergeron, Titouan Labbé


Titouan admires his older brother Quentin and at the same time is jealous of him. He would like to be like him and make part of a motorcycle gang. The communication between brothers is complicated and a sibling rivalry appears. During an underground race, an event changes their existence and nothing will be like before.

«This is Tutouan’s life during the summer. Caught up in his own solitude mixed with admiration for the elder brother, who is never really there, he is left alone to sort out his way in life in a world too big for him to understand. … His loneliness and naivety can only bring him frustrations, jalousy and childish envy. All this will lead Titouan to think up his own notions of good and evil, which are inevitably distorted.» Vincent Duluc-David

Trailer du film

Vincent Duluc-David
Vincent Duluc-David

Vincent Duluc-David is a graduate of ESRA. He is a director, film editor, and scriptwriter. He is passionate about photography and works with video. He’s created different video projects and music clips. His position as film editor at Hands Up allowed him to develop the sense of the rhythm and of the sound. Youthful is his first film.

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