Warming Up

Warming Up / Riscaldandosi

(Experimental, Italy, 1973, 40’, C, Fr ST)

by Massimo Bacigalupo

with Robert Best, Walter Bottger, Tonino et Mariella De Bernardi

Warming Up


Warming Up is an exercise in warming up the imagination, suspended in the moment that separates waiting from starting, in a filmic economy of suspense that obliquely opposes melancholy to euphoria, a perfect complement to the chopped time of The Last Summer.


« Shot between Italy and the United States, edited and printed in New York, the film is programmatically poor and playful, a kaleidoscope of images and colors. The title means “to warm up,” “to prepare for,” suggesting that Warming Up is an exercise to keep fit and perhaps prepare for more challenging endeavors. Something you do to pass the time. It was partly shot on expired film given to me by Martino Oberto, suitable therefore for an experimental project, making visual notes, making up a story as it goes along. All the characters in Warming Up do things for the sake of doing them, with pleasure and lightness, and in this way, they offer examples of concentrated and in its own way fruitful living. We can look at them and wonder what their secret is, their ability to live in meaninglessness, to create a habitat for themselves » Massimo Bacigalupo, 28th edition of the Torino Film Festival, 2010.


Massimo Bacigalupo


Film Author :

Massimo Bacigalupo

Other movies: Salon expérimental

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