Sarah Bernhardt at Belle-Île

Sarah Bernhardt at Belle-Île

(Documentary, France, 1912, 13’, BW, Mute)

by Unknown director

Sarah Bernhardt at Belle-Île


In 1894, as a result of love at first sight, Sarah Bernhardt acquired a military fort on the wild Pointe des Poulains in Belle-Île-en-Mer. It is the beginning of 30 years of summer retreats punctuated by walks, shrimp fishing or hunting. Subsequently, she expanded her estate and then owned more than 46 hectares. Sick and infirm, she sold her property in 1922 and died in Paris the following year. Listed as a Historic Monument, the site manager, Isabelle Boullard, explains that « a museographer was responsible, using period photos, for reconstructing the interior. The person in charge of the site, registered as a Historic Monument, explains that “a museographer took charge, from period photos, of reconstructing the interior. Only the clothes on display, donated by the family, really belonged to the actres»s.


« I like to come to this picturesque island every year, to taste all the charm of its wild and grandiose beauty. I draw from it under its invigorating and restful sky new artistic forces. » Sarah Bernhardt, 1905


Réalisateur inconnu


Film Author :

Unknown director

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