Macau, Joia do Oriente / Macao, Oriental Jewel

(Documentary, Portugal, 1956, 14'30”, C, Fr ST)

by Miguel Spiguel

Macau, Joia do Oriente


The purpose of this film is to discover largely unknown Macao. The ancient monuments, the statues of the discoverers, the modern buildings of the settlers’ quarter testify to the Portuguese presence, while the commentary states that the overseas presence is not built on domination but that it is “a cauldron of many ethnic groups, a new Portuguese civilization. Macao is Portugal”. Yet the film shows us that the true urban landscape of the city is Chinese.

Film Author :

Miguel Spiguel

Miguel Spiguel (1921-1975) produced and shot dozens of documentaries in Portugal, but mainly, with support of state funding, in Mozambique and in the Oriental territories (Macao, Goa, Timor). His meticulous documentaries are advertisements for the singularities of the Portuguese colonies.

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