(Documentary, Portugal, 1950, 7'35”, BW, Fr ST)

by Felipe de Solms



Typical example of discovery and tourism documentary, with strong propaganda accents. This is the good life for the settlers of Beira, in the centre of Mozambique. The city is modern and developing. Leisure activities ‘like in Europe’ are beach, golf, aviation, dancing. In this “Portuguese city of the future”, the director managed to show only a few Mozambicans running through the image.

Film Author :

Felipe de Solms

Spanish-born filmmaker Filipe de Solms (1916-?) worked as assistant to Abel Gance and António Lopes Ribeiro. Starting from the 1950s, he moved to Portugal, where he directed but mostly produced in the colonies some fictions (Chikwembo! Sortilégio Africano, 1953) and dozens of documentaries. He is also the co-producer of French director Jean Leduc, for fiction and commissioned films in the Portuguese overseas.

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