Beira, Porta Turistica de Moçambique / Beira, Touristic Port of Mozambique

(Documentary, Portugal, 1973, 11', C, Fr ST)

by Miguel Spiguel

Beira, Porta Turistica de Moçambique


On a very cheerful pop music, this film praises the beauties of the landscapes, wildlife, modern architecture and the sweet life of the settlers. Many tourists came from nearby White Rhodesia to indulge in the pleasures of the sea, hotels, safaris. The few Mozambicans are employed to serve them. This film was shot while a few hundred kilometers to the north, tens of thousands of Portuguese soldiers faced the separatist fighters of Frelimo.

Film Author :

Miguel Spiguel

Miguel Spiguel (1921-1975) produced and shot dozens of documentaries in Portugal, but mainly, with support of state funding, in Mozambique and in the Oriental territories (Macao, Goa, Timor). His meticulous documentaries are advertisements for the singularities of the Portuguese colonies.

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