Angola – Exposição Provincial, Agrícola, Pecuária e Industrial / Angola – Provincial, Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition

by unknown filmmaker
(Documentary, Portugal, 1923, 11'49”, BW, silent, Fr ST)

Angola – Exposição Provincial, Agrícola, Pecuária e Industrial


This film shot in the south of Angola, is one of the few existing archival films of the time. It’s likely that the author filmed these images on command of Norton de Matos who was twice governor of Angola (1912-15 and 1921-24) and that we see in the image. A republican and mason, he was one of the promoters of colonial expansion in Africa, which began in the early 20th century, following the “pacification campaigns” – terrible wars – in Angola and Mozambique. He worked for the development of Angola and the settlement of Portuguese colonial settlers.


The first part shows the opening of the trade and agricultural fair in the coastal city of Benguela. The atmosphere is very provincial Portuguese. Some Angolans walk through the frames; some are well-dressed – suits, hats – others are employees. Then a report on a Congress of Medicine and finally an aviation demonstration. It’s a promotional film about the development of southern Angola.

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