Maria’s Silence / Il Silenzio di Maria

(Experimental, Italy/Greece, 2017, 38’, BW, no dialogues)

by Cesare Bedogné

Maria’s Silence


This film is based on documentary material but is not, strictly speaking, a documentary film. Nor is it a work of fiction. The film appears to us rather as a dream, not a night dream, but a dream that took place day after day during the shooting.


“My only guideline is instinct, a way of perceiving how images strangely attract each other and thus advance the visual narrative in an associative way. I always try to follow this inner need, a mysterious rhythm rather than a conscious thought. Nothing was ever planned in advance and, when I started each of these films, I didn’t know where they were going to end. They were a journey in themselves.” Cesare Bedogné, Illambra interview

Film Author :

Cesare Bedogné
Cesare Bedogné

Cesare Bedogné is an Italian photographer, filmmaker and writer. His first, autobiographical novel and his black and white photographs were at the basis of the film Story for an Empty theatre, which he co-directed with the Ukrainian filmmaker Aleksandr Balagura. He went on to direct experimental/documentary shorts Maria’s Silence (2017), The Last Step of an Acrobat (2019), Photographing New York (2020). All these films won numerous awards and were screened in prestigious film festivals such as Art Visuals&Poetry in Vienna, the 75th Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno, the 69th Montecatini International Short Film Festival in Italy

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