In Limbo / Межсезонье

(Fiction, Russia, 2021, 111’, C, En ST)

by Alexander Hant

with Igor Ivanov, Evgenya Vinogradova

In Limbo


Sasha and Danny are 15 years old and in love. After Sasha’s parents surprise them kissing at a party, they oppose their relationship. In protest, Danny and Sasha run away. Freedom goer to their heads and hidden aspects of their natures will come to the fore. An innocent adventure deteriorates into a full-scale manhunt.


“This is a story about becoming adults.  When I was a teenager, I rebelled against the rules. I did everything I was told not to. I was unconsciously testing my own limits, motivated by curiosity. My parents thought it was dangerous and tried to keep me safe by forbidding certain things. But that only encouraged me to attempt even more scandalous things.  In 2016, two 15-year-old Russians barricaded themselves in a house with weapons and committed suicide when the police surrounded them. Their story touched me deeply and inspired me.” Alexandre Hant

In Limbo is a welcome disruption of formulaic coming-of-age stories. The payoff is rousing thanks to a refreshingly humane treatment of each character, skittish humor, and expressive performances. Add into the mix how it immediately proves itself with its cinematography, production design and faultlessly scouted locations, and it makes for one of the more bewitching revolutions we can bear witness to.”

Film Author :

Alexander Hant
Alexander Hant

Alexander Hant was born in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, in 1985, He studied cinematography at SPbGUKiT (with Eduard Rozovsky and Sergey Astakhov) and then direction at VGIK (with Karen Shakhnazarov). He graduated in 2012. He directed several short subjects, among which the documentary Peter, Petersbourg! (2008), In the Opera (2011), Dinner (2012) and Muse (2018). His first feature-length film How Viktor ‘The Garlic’ Took Alexey ‘The Stud’ to the Nursing Home (2017) received the Best Film Award in the East is West Program at KVIFF in 2017, and participated in more than 40 international festivals. In Limbo is his second feature film.

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