Adieu Venus

(Fiction, France, 2021, 90’, C, En ST)

by Martin Ziegler

with Mathilde Mosnier, Julien Cosquéric, Catherine Badet-Corniou

Adieu Venus


Beauty, a virgin Aphrodite-Venus, is to return to the pure origins from which she came. But she is detoured by a Mother who entrusts her with a child who unveils her tragic secret. A protean man opposes Beauty and with the help of Epigone lures her into danger zones.


“The cinema is not a film. It is a place to watch films. A film is an oeuvre. From one film to the next, I have freed myself from the aforementioned cinema.” Martin Ziegler

 “As of Martin Ziegler’s first films, I was attracted by their authenticity. This atypical filmmaker evolves from one film to the next, in a dimension that stands out against contemporary cinematic works.” Dobrila Diamantis

Film Author :

Martin Ziegler
Martin Ziegler

Martin Ziegler, born in 1956 in Germany, is a French author-director. At the age of 17, he left Germany to pursue crossover studies: fine arts, literature, and social sciences. For 6 years, he worked on a thesis with Michel Foucault on the notion of bios: biography in Antiquity and hagiography in the Middle Ages. He then published several collections of poetry. While still pursuing his work as an author, Martin Ziegler also directed feature films: The Seven Sisters (2013), With Out (2014), VWaR (2015), Patmos (2016), Joyce (2016), alternating edits and shoots over long periods of time, indeed over several years, which allows him to elaborate a mode of writing close to authoring texts, with progress and rewrites. That is made possible by very precise organisation and reduced crews. Adieu Vénus is his sixth feature film.

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