Welcome in Vienna – Partie 3 : Welcome in Vienna / Wohin und zurück – Teil 3: Welcome in Vienna

(Fiction, Austria/Germany/Switzerland, 1986, 127’, BW, Fr ST)

by Axel Corti

with Gabriel Barylli, Nicolas Brieger, Claudia Messner

Welcome in Vienna – Partie 3 : Welcome in Vienna


1945, Vienna. The war is over. Freddy Wolff and Georges Adler, immigrants to the United States, have become soldiers in the American army. Vienna is in ruins and divided into four zones. The black market reigns. Austria passes itself off as the innocent victim of Nazism and refuses to accept the truth. People adapt to the system as best they can, except for Freddy who rejects the general hypocrisy and nevertheless suffers because of his love for the young actress Claudia.


“Welcome in Vienna is a film of disappointed returns and compromises. Its love story follows the trajectory of the drama: enthusiasm, betrayal, cynicism. The key location, the catalyst of both hopes and memories is no longer a café where you nurse your illusions, but a theater that masks power games and political compromises. The last film is surely the most satisfactory of the trilogy: the starkest in terms of narrative, the most original and contemporary, the most melancholic and at the same time the darkest with its black humor.” N. T. Binh, Positif, mars 1987

Film Author :

Axel Corti
Axel Corti

Born in 1933, Axel Corti began to work for the theater in 1958. Two years later, he was invited by the Vienna Burgtheater to debut as assistant to the greatest Austrian theater directors. In the 1960s he wrote and directed films for the leading Austrian and European production companies. Thanks to his trilogy Welcome in Vienna / Wohin und Zurück he became the best-known Austrian radical and avant-garde director. His film A Woman’s Pale Blue Handwriting (1984) was acclaimed by the critics. In 1968, he launched a weekly radio news and opinion program to which he remained attached until his death in 1993. Corti was and remains one of the most important figures in the Austrian cultural universe: as much for his 30-year radio and television career, as for his work as director, screenwriter, opera director, genius of modern theater, and teacher. For all that, he received many prestigious prizes and awards.

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