Taming the Garden / Motviniereba

(Documentary, Switzerland/Germany/Georgia, 2022, 92’, C, En ST)

by Salomé Jashi

Taming the Garden


Taming the Garden follows uprooted trees destined for the garden of Eden a wealthy man wants to create. With each uprooting, tensions erupt between the workers and Georgian villagers.  The film highlights the ease with which a people’s roots can be destroyed to the benefit of one individual, disconnected from the surrounding nature they appropriate.


“When I film, I try to consider each frame as a scene unto itself. There need to be several elements in it, not just the one thing we’re concentrating on. To do that, I use wide angles and spaced-out cuts. It’s a true pleasure to find a frame capable of telling a whole story all by itself, that contains a kind of development and then wags its tail at the end. For me, using fewer cuts signifies remaining closer to what is authentic, creating a sense of presence, and taking advantage of the pure reality of the moment.” Salomé Jashi, cineuropa.org

“I treat certain frames like paintings, paintings in motion that arouse the sense of a mix of the real and the unreal.”  Salomé Jashi, cineuropa.org 

“Providing a devastating metaphor for a world gone mad, this is a poetic, provocative example of how a hard-hitting documentary tug on the communal conscience can also be wittily artistic.” empireonline.com

Film Author :

Salomé Jashi
Salomé Jashi

Salomé Jashi is a Georgian filmmaker. She graduated from Tbilisi State University and the Caucasus School of Journalism and Media and at first worked for the Georgian television channel Rustavi 2. At the same time, Salomé Jashi created video installations. She then studied documentary filmmaking at London University. Her first film Their Helicopter. Bakhmaro (2011) received an honorable mention at the Leipzig DOK. The Dazzling Light of Sunset (201) received First Prize at the Visions du Réel Festival (Regard Neuf competition). Her latest short subject The Tower received the ADAMI Media Prize.

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