Little Swallow / Rondinella

(Fiction, Switzerland, 2021, 24', C, En ST)

by Nikita Merlini

with Elena Stoll, Patrizia Barbuiani and Yan Balistoy

Little Swallow


Staying with her mother after the fire, Sofia dreams of freedom. But the smell of smoke doesn’t leave…


“There are events in life, such as a death, a departure, a marriage, or a new job, which mark the beginning of a phase and which can bring two people closer or further apart. Rondinella is the story of a separation between a mother and a daughter, but also the sweet and clumsy attempt to rebuild a relationship with the love that binds them. It is the passage from one age to another, from one role to another: while becoming an adult is a process that can be disorienting, seeing one’s children grow up is equally difficult for parents.” Nikita Merlini

Film Author :

Nikita Merlini
Nikita Merlini

Nikita Merlini was born in 1992 in Locarno, in the canton of Ticino, in Switzerland. In 2015, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in English literature and Film’s Aesthetics at University of Zurich. Between 2017 and 2020, he studied filmmaking at ECAL and directed his diploma film Little Swallow. His projects are mainly devoted to themes related to adolescence as well as to its multiple questions (identity, future). Moreover, through his various projects, he regularly tries to make an observation of the various social and cultural issues of his country.

Other movies: Competition Prix Sauvage Corto

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