(Animation, Ireland/Ukraine, 2021, 9’, BW, no dialogues)

by Olga Beregova



Hurdle is a heartfelt animation that shows a path of a person weary of life’s obstacles that finds lightness and freedom by pushing through the ultimate hurdle with an underlying rebuilding belief idea.

Film Author :

Olga Beregova
Olga Beregova

Olga Beregova is a filmmaker, graphic designer and interior designer. Before 2019, she worked in digital marketing at Google. Hurdle is her first film created with the talented musician Page Blank. 

Page Blank
I’m Page Blank. Why? Because, starting everything from a blank page creates something special. I’ve been writing music for 20 years and it allows me to connect with myself and the world.

Other movies: Competition Prix Sauvage Corto

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