Sibelius Continuum / Sibelius-jatkumo

(Fiction, Finland, 2019, 99’, C, En ST)

by Aarni Vaarnamo

with Aino Johansson, Aksa Korttila, Timo Torikka

Sibelius Continuum


Aino, a pilot intern, is assigned on a mission to locate a mysterious lost space probe that has disappeared near the arctic circle. Events make an absurd, surreal, maybe a dadaist turn after which to reach her objectives, Aino and her peers are obliged to search for the answer to the mysteries of the modern human condition. What follows is a satirical, antimodernist continuum of monologues, mixed-media footage and introductions to modern subjectivity: a flight through the darker sides of fossil-fueled European rationalism, shedding light on techno capitalist-individualist age of modern alienation, hauntological nostalgies of imagined futures, the profound problematics of translating human communication – and finally – the reindeers of the north.


« Sibelius Continuum contemplates a vision of Finland as part of a new Europe in which language and culture have lost their meaning. But the film is an obvious fantasy: the choice of multiple spoken languages is made not for the sake of clarity, rather the opposite, in order to depict a complicated image of communication-oriented pidgin-language which reduces the richness of meaning that a common language holds. Sibelius Continuum is a film whose dialogues almost no one in our world can fully understand without reading the subtitles, subtitles that don’t quite get all the nuances, double meanings and jokes in the original context. That is to be the future for many of us when language and other aspects of culture, such as music, only exist to add a nice exotic vibe to the plain usual. The composer Jean Sibelius’ name is mentioned in the film only as a historical touch, as he is one of the few Finnish personalities known in the western world. If Sibelius gets a peace for his soul in the film, he still remains a victim of the director forever. » Aarni Vaarnamo

Film Author :

Aarni Vaarnamo
Aarni Vaarnamo

Aarni Vaarnamo is an experimental filmmaker and media artist from Helsinki, Finland, working with hand developed film footage and mixed media sources. Vaarnamo is interested in social critique of the rationalistic euro-centric liberal society and individualistic culture – investigating the post-human, deep ecological and post-fossil discourses. He is the author of experimental short films Helsinki Babylon All Night Long (2015), Liberté, Égalité, Copy-Pasté (2015), The Great Personal (2016), The Swamp Didn’t Speak (2017), Forbidden Visions (2019). Sibelius Continuum is his debut feature-length film.

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