The Promenade / Набережная

(Documentary, Russia, 2021, 45’, C, En ST)

by Nadya Zakharova

The Promenade


A chronicle story about life of one seemingly unremarkable embankment of the Kama River in a remote area of ​​Perm. But it is unremarkable only at a first glance. If an attentive viewer takes a closer look at what is happening here, he will be able to catch the whisper of absolutely incredible events, real life experiences and stories that city residents unwittingly entrust these stones. The key thing is to carefully observe!


“Reality is a complex stuff. I think that mythology is more real than the reality itself. The myth depicts the universe in its wholeness, not only the man. That’s why I like fairy tales. And to take news stories for reality is a true error. For me, it’s a difficult theme, I still need to sort out what is reality.” Nadya Zakharova

Film Author :

Nadya Zakharova
Nadya Zakharova

Nadya Zakharova was born in Perm, Russia. After a degree in Arts and Graphic Design at the Perm Pedagogical College, she continued her education at the Moscow School of New Cinema studying under Artur Aristakisyan. Her graduate film Fire (2016) was awarded as Best National Documentary at the Message to Man IFF in St Petersburg, Russia, and participated in various festivals. Her short documentary Dust of Time (2017) set in Nepal was also a participant of many festivals. In 2019 the short documentary The Bell co-directed by Nadya Zakharova received a Special Mention at the Beat Film Festival in Moscow.

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