Elswhere Everywhere / Ailleurs partout

(Documentary, Belgium, 2020, 62’, C, En ST)

by Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter

Elswhere Everywhere


A computer screen, images from the four corners of the world. We cross borders in one-click while another trip’s story reaches us in bits, through text messages, chats, phone conversations, and an immigration office questionnaire. It’s the journey of Shahin, a 20-year-old Iranian boy who, fleeing his country alone, lands in Greece, then winds his way to England where he claims asylum.


“The story of an Iranian immigrant, Shahin, is not only a personal tale, but a universal story of the declassed, the invisible, errant people who live in an eternal limbo, in transit through their land to a new land which is inherently hostile. Images, conversations, thoughts, they are all intertwined in Elsewhere, Everywhere as a strong poetic/intimate/political work of what we don’t want, or don’t get to watch, a work that challenges us as spectators through feeds of webcams and the internet, to find the humanity behind the pixel, the poor image, to find the presence of the other in our lives.” desistfilm.com

Film Author :

Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter
Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter

Isabelle Ingold is a freelance editor and director. She graduated from La Femis in the editing department. Since then, she has worked with directors as different as Amos Gitai, Vincent Dieutre, Vivianne Perelmuter, Toshi Fujiwara, Barmak Akram, Bojena Horackova, Itvan Kebadian, Renaud Cohen, Jean-Charles Massera… The features and docs she edited were selected in festivals such as: Venice, Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Sundance, Locarno, Lussas, Cinéma du Réel, Nyon. She has also directed documentary films documentaires Au nom du Maire (2005), Une petite maison dans la cité (2009), Des jours et des nuits sur l’aire (2016).

Vivianne Perelmuter was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). After studying philosophy and political sciences, Vivianne entered the French film school La Fémis (Paris). Her films, mixing documentary, feature and cinema essay styles, have been widely presented in film festivals worldwide and were awarded on several occasions. The main themes of her artistic approach are the functioning of memory and defamiliarization. Her first solo feature, Le Vertige des possible / Uncertain Time (2012) received high critical acclaim and was on the Magritte nomination list for the First Feature Award in Belgium. Together with Isabelle Ingold she has directed Nord pour mémoire, avant de la perdre (1997), Ligne de fuite (1998), Une place sur terre (2001).

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