There Will Be Blood

(Fiction, USA, 2007, 158’, OV Fr ST)

by Paul Thomas Anderson

with Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Ciarán Hinds

There Will Be Blood


In America, Daniel Plainview is trying to make a fortune by installing oil wells across the country. When he hears about a small town in California where oil is said to be flowing, he decides to try his luck and leaves with his son H. W. for Little Boston.


“This tragedy portrays the time that has never attracted Hollywood cinema much, with a few notable exceptions, including Citizen Kane. Between the end of the conquest of the West and the beginning of Prohibition, there is a kind of blind spot, into which Anderson plunges.” Thomas Sotinel, Le Monde

Film Author :

Paul Thomas Anderson
Paul Thomas Anderson

The son of an actor working in Hollywood, Paul Thomas Anderson was a turbulent child and a difficult student. Receiving his first camera at the age of 12, he decided very early on to become a filmmaker, making numerous amateur films and later refusing to enter film school, preferring to learn by himself. At the age of 23, his short film Cigarettes & Coffee was noticed at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival and enabled him to obtain financing for his first feature film, Hard Eight, which was a success and was screened at Cannes. He then went on to have a string of successes…

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