The South / Sur

(Fiction, Argentina, 1988, 127’, C, Fr ST)

by Fernando Solanas

with Susú Pecoraro, Miguel Ángel Solá, Philippe Léotard, Lito Cruz, Ulises Dumont

The South


Floreal Echegoyen, who has been imprisoned for five years, is released the day after the end of the Argentinian dictatorship. Fearing to find his family, he wanders aimlessly through the streets. His companions are dead, his wife has cheated on him and he no longer recognises the country he used to live in. But thanks to the testimony of a missing friend, he discovers the life of his compatriots during his years in prison…


“Some people are surprised by this dreamlike atmosphere, this refined aestheticism which borrows so much from theatricality or pictorial order. This is to misunderstand the profound originality of Solanas’ cinema which, in its syncretism, also encompasses popular poetry in its most stylised and silvered form: the tango. Hommes et Migrations, VIDEAU, André, » Le Sud, film argentin de Fernando E. Solanas “, p.47, 1121, 1989.

Film Author :

Fernando Solanas
Fernando Solanas

Fernando Ezequiel Solanas (1936-2020) is an Argentinian filmmaker and politician. He is one of the founders and theorists of the “Cine Liberación” movement, which was part of the national movement calling for a “third cinema”, one that is more independent from European and Hollywood cinema. His documentary The Hour of the Blaze (1968), an aesthetic and political manifesto of the movement, co-directed clandestinely with Octavio Getino, was banned until 1973. Exiled to Paris during the military dictatorship, he gained international visibility and recognition. Tangos, Gardel’s Exile (1985) received the Special Grand Jury Prize in Venice. Followed The South (1988) which won the prize for direction at Cannes, and The Journey (1992). Back in Argentina, he became involved in the country’s political life. In the 2000s, Solanas made a series of documentaries, reflecting on the Argentinian economic crisis, the failures and possibilities of his country. In 2018, he was invited to the Cannes Film Festival to present a restored copy of The Hour of the Blaze, now considered a documentary classic.

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