Samira’s Dream / Ndoto ya Samira

(Documentary, Ireland/Italy/Switzerland, 2020, 88', C, Fr ST)

by Nino Tropiano

Samira’s Dream


Samira, a young Zanzibari woman, aspires to make a family like all her friends but she is also determined to pursue higher education and a career of her dreams. For seven years, social pressure and respect for tradition have constantly pushed her to choose one path over the other.


“To be genuinely interested in an ordinary character, i.e. to have empathy, means that you have to have imagination. I believe deeply that individuals change the course of history. If you follow any person’s life, over a period of time, you will be able to detect those “plot points” that are the key elements of any decently written screenplay. In other words, life is cinema.” Nino Tropiano,

Film Author :

Nino Tropiano
Nino Tropiano

Born in Monopoli (Bari), Nino Tropiano moved to Dublin in the mid-90s. He trained as an actor and worked as a freelance photographer. He graduated from the National Film School in Dublin with a 50-minute film entitled My Daughter Does Madonna (world premiere at the Krakow Film Festival). Tropiano went on to direct and produce Mary’s Last Show, Class Reunion and the short film The Fall, winner of the Urlo Award at the Unimovie Festival in Pescara. His documentary Chippers (2008) was awarded Best Documentary Memorie Migranti at Gualdo Tadino, 2010. Samira’s Dream (2020) was selected in many festivals around the world. He is currently working on Wild Manjazz, a feature-length music documentary, and collaborating with Elena Leoni on the adaptation of her novel Portami a casa into a screenplay.

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