The Rite / Il Rito

(Documentary, Italy, 2020, 15’, C, En ST)

by Fabrizio Condino

The Rite


Every year, during the rite of the killing of a pig, a family of peasants from the south of Italy spends the whole day together to kill the animal and share a good meal.

Film Author :

Fabrizio Condino
Fabrizio Condino

Born in 1990 in Paola, Italy, Fabrizio Condino graduated from the cinema schools ACT Multimedia and Sentieri Selvaggi. He directed La vita Sospesa (2017), Notturno Apnea (2019), Il Rito (2020). His works are featured in the cinema section DoReCiakGulp of the national TV news, directed by the film critic Vincenzo Mollica.

Other movies: Competition Prix Sauvage Corto

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