Guinea Pig

(Fiction, Italy, 15’, C, En ST)

by Guila Grandinetti et Andrea Benjamin Manenti

with Michael Schermi, Giulia Grandinetti, Lucia Batassa

Guinea Pig


In a world where the government has abolished every kind of contact between human beings from visual contact to sex – the citizens are tested annually for empathy and sexual attraction.

Film Author :

Guila Grandinetti et Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Guila Grandinetti et Andrea Benjamin Manenti

Giulia Grandinetti (1989) is a multifaceted Italian artist. She graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Roma Tre, with a Master’s Degree in Cinema following a Bachelor’s in Theater. In 2013 she approaches film directing, working on her debut feature, Alice and the Land that Wonders from 2014 to 2019. She wins the III Edition of Shortlab in Rome with a theatrical project performed with Michael Schermi and Mario Russo. In 2019 she realizes the short film Guinea Pig, co-directed with Andrea Benjamin Manenti.  Her greatest ambition is to experience an artistic encounter between the world of cinema and that of theater-dance.

Andrea Benjamin Manenti is an Italian head operator, photographer and filmmaker. He studied filmmaking à the SAE institute of Milan before being selected in the image section at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome. He founded Fedra Film with Rossella Inglese and co-authored a few shorts films with her. He has also worked as a cinematographer with many emerging directors.

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