Tomaso Aramini is a film producer, writer and director of Italian origin. He holds a Ph.D. in film, music and performing arts from Leeds Beckett University on film language and painters’ ideologies and practices. As part of his Ph.D. he made Impressions (2016) selected at Tirana International Film Festival. His short films have been selected in prestigious independent film festivals such as San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, Suburbinale, Dea Open Air International Film Festival. His debut documentary feature The Lost Shoes has been screened at Urbino’s Signs De Nuit Film Festival, Harrogate Film Festival, Lonely Wolf International Film Festival receiving international accolades.

The director Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi holds an MA in documentary filmmaking from Leeds Beckett University. He has over 12 years of experience as a journalist, photographer and filmmaker. His short documentaries have won many awards worldwide the most successful of which is Evan – A Story of Survivor (2018) a biographical piece accounting the story of a political refugee in UK. His work is focused on Kurdish national question and liberation struggle as well as marginalized refugees.

The Lost Shoes

The Lost Shoes accounts the existential and political journey of Armando Lanza, former logistic mastermind of Red Brigades when they kidnap US General James Lee Dozier in 1981. The film intertwines Lanza’s life with a revolutionary political season, traces an historical discourse on a generation of communists who tried with different strategies to transform Italy [...]

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