Director: Murat Çeri

Born in 1980, Murat Çeri grew up in his village, a world of fantasy and fairy tales. He graduated from Philology department of Istanbul University. As a student, he ran a literary magazine Sarmaşık and went on to publish poems, essays and short stories with various publishing houses. His essay collection Biz Kimiz was awarded the Grant of the Ministry of Culture. After completing his degree at Cinema Department of Academy of Science and Arts and Philosophy in Taksim, he concentrated on developing his personal film and script projects. In My Dream is his first long feature film, drawing its inspiration from author’s own childhood memories.

In My Dream

Young Tariq loses his parents in a tragic car accident and settles to live with his great parents in a traditional Turkish village. He suffers from amnesia and can’t decipher the strange dreams he is having. A meeting with an