Lola Frederich is a French filmmaker. She is the author of the documentary Dans l’ombre d’une ville (2005), which follows three women in the process of becoming literate in the heart of the Goutte d’Or area in Paris. Her short film Taxi Wala (2009), dealing with the same subject, was selected in a hundred international festivals and won numerous awards, including the French film critics’ union award. For the twenty years of Act-Up, she directed Lulò Kanda (2009) to testify against discrimination against HIV positive women. Her first feature-length documentary The Sound Before the Fury (2015, directed with Martin Sarrazac) explores the links between music and politics through musician Archie Shepp’s tribute to the insurrection in Attica, a prison fortress in New York State.

Taxi Wala

In Paris, a cab driver begins his work day. A woman of Indian origin indicates an address to him. Arrived at destination, the place indicated is closed. The passenger then demands to return to her starting point. Little by little, the cab driver becomes aware that the woman he is taking is completely lost…

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