Director: Jonathan Le Fourn and Andreï Schtakleff

After studying cinema at Paris 8 and a passage at the EHESS in Arts and Language, Jonathan Le Fourn co-directs two feature-length documentaries: the first shot in Calais (L’Exil et le Royaume, 2008), the second in Brazil in the state of Parà (Sauvagerie, 2017), both selected in numerous festivals (Mostra de Venise, FID Marseille, Entrevues de Belfort, Jihlava IDFF, Cinéma du réel Paris, Etat généraux de Lussas, Les Ecrans documentaires, etc.). He is currently developing several films and runs film workshops in schools in the context of film education. He lives and works in Marseille since 2013.

Andrei Schtakleff was born in Paris in 1979. He lives in Los Angeles. His first film, L’Exil et le Royaume, was presented at La Mostra de Venise in 2008. The Magic Mountain, his second film, won two awards at FID Marseille in 2015. His next film The Detroiters will be released soon.

L’Exil et le royaume

A former railwayman who sinks into history, a teacher who crosses the night in search of the police, an Afghan who tries to hide, two quantum unemployed, a mustachioed host and his Eritrean women… The whole world is in Calais.