Sweet Emma

Emma and Böbe arrive from the countryside to teach Russian in Budapest. But after the fall of the Wall, Russian is no longer part of the curriculum and the school now demands that students learn English. The two friends soon experience the harsh reality of the new system.

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Through the representation of a female figure walking in the streets of Budapest, You reflects on love, jealousy, beauty and the psychic faculties of the human being. The short film was awarded with the special mention of the Jury at Cannes in 1963.

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In the heart of Budapest, three boys, attracted by young girls, abandon a grand piano on the banks of the Danube. The passers-by begin to play, each one playing it in his own way. In 1964, Concert was nominated for the Oscar for best short film.

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Meeting Venus

The Hungarian conductor, Zoltan Szanto, is invited to conduct Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner in the picturesque Opéra Evropa of Paris. In a cosmopolitan atmosphere, he faces unexpected impediments. Like Tannhäuser, he is torn between his wife and Karin Anderson, diva and femme fatale.

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Final Report

In order to avoid retirement, Ivan Stephanus accepts a position as a doctor in the village of his childhood. But life there is not as idyllic as he thought it would be. Between the rumors, the lack of resources of the village and a corrupt mayor, the professor has to fight to keep his practice [...]

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Sous la République de Weimar, en pleine montée du nazisme, l’opportunisme du comédien Hendrik Höfgen, prêt à sacrifier peu à peu amis, convictions et honneur, le mène à une ascension vertigineuse. Il obtient le rôle de Méphisto dans la pièce de Goethe, au théâtre national, mais n’est-il pas en réalité plutôt un nouveau Faust, ayant [...]

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Le jeune Takó, voue une grande admiration à son père, mort durant le siège de Budapest en 1945. Mais, cette image correspond-elle véritablement à la réalité ?

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