The Collectif Armes Légères de Production is en ephemeral collective of twelve artists (Clément Boute, Valentin Breton, Laura Cardile, Elen Hallegouet, Raphaël Malézieux, Romane Martin, Guilhem Prevost-Leygonie, Temperance Cole, Iris Fabre, Esther Laurent-Baroux, Margot Lançon and Sinae Lee) that has been formed around the idea of filming the destruction of an artistic residence in Bretagne.

The White of Noon

For seven years, artists were invited in residence to make art in the castle of Kerpaul in the French region of Bretagne. This time is over, the castle has to be returned to its owner who decided to make a holiday resort instead. The works of art that had been accumulated over the years must [...]

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