After studying law at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Annie Dautane participated in the launch of Ciné Plus, Canal +’s cinema package, and then held the position of program production director for various television channels. Involved in the artistic field, in 2001 she founded the studio La Maison, a renowned visual creation space and a real talent incubator. While working at La Maison, she developped an original editorial line, leading to ambitious projects both in France and internationally, which have won several awards (including Emmy Award for the visual effects of Dreamkeeper by Steve Baron). In 2012, she created the production company Calm in order to develop personal projects with strong visual content and to welcome other visual artists.

After studying at the Beaux-Arts in Bergen, Norway, and then at the Insas in Belgium, Eve Ramboz worked all over the world as a graphic designer and supervisor of digital visual effects for cinema, television and concerts within the studio La Maison. Filmmaker since 1989, she created the graphic films L’excision de la pierre de folie (1988), l’Escamoteur (1991) and designed installations such as E.I, Lumière etc.

Connexions : Rothko-Monet

Mark Rothko (1903-1970), an American painter attached to the movement of abstract expressionism, is one of the most influential artistic figures of the twentieth century. He invented a new way of painting: radical, free of all figuration, which revolutionized the way we look at things, particularly through his use of color. Claude Monet (1840-1926), known [...]

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Connexions : Bacon-Vélasquez

Une des plus grandes obsessions de Francis Bacon est le tableau du Pape Innocent X peint par Vélasquez en 1650. La rencontre avec le portrait du pape Innocent X fait partie des événements qui ont contribué à construire le récit mythique de la vie de Francis Bacon. Entre 1949 et 1971, Bacon a peint 45 [...]

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