Angélique Kourounis is a journalist, working as a Greek correspondent for Radio-France, Ouest-France, Charlie Hebdo, Reporters Sans Frontières, and a documentary filmmaker. She has shot a number of short films on burning political and social issues in Europe. Her first long feature Golden Dawn, a Personal Affair (2016) received Prix Averroès junior at Primed 2016 (Marseille), special jury prize at LAGAFF in Los Angeles and has been selected in festivals at Thessaloniki, Toronto, Barcelona, London, Lyon, Cannes, Avanca, Berlin, Prague, Brussels, Tirana, New York. Aube Dorée, a Public Affair is her second feature long documentary.

Golden Dawn. A Public Affair

What sort of action should we adopt against nazism, fascism and the extreme right? Can democracy still eradicate them once and for all without bending its own principles? Having conducted a long-term inquiry on the very nature of the Greek neo-nazi party in her previous film, Angélique Kourounis now tries to establish how to [...]

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