15 March to 15 April 2011

The 2011 edition of the Europe Beyond Europe Festival will kick off at the Cinéma L’Entrepôt from 15 to 24 March, and continue at the Filmothèque du Quartier Latin, the Cinéma V4, Cinéma 104 in Pantin and at various Cultural Centres and Paris museums through to 15 April. This year’s theme of Heroes and Anti-Heroes is explored in more than 50 films, with the cinema of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia and Hungary in the spotlight this year.

Some programme highlights


Benedek Fliegauf
Hongrie | 2009 | 107 minutes
French Premier

Festivals / Awards
Official Selection, Locarno 2010
Official Selection, Toronto 2010

The director will attend

Rebecca and Thomas, long lost childhood sweethearts meet again at university and reignite an intense love affair. When Thomas is tragically killed in a car accident, Rebecca cannot accept her loss. She surmounts all obstacles to have Thomas cloned and the embryo implanted in her body. Nine months later, a new Thomas is born and Rebecca is sure she will relive their idyll. But these things are often beyond our control.

Tender Son — The Frankenstein Project2

Kornel Mundruczo
Hongrie | 2009 | 105 minutes
French Premier

Festivals / Awards
Official Competition, Cannes 2010
Best Director, Seville 2010
Best Photography, Seville, 2010
Best Film, Sarajevo 2010

Personalities from the film will attend

Rudi, a 17 year-old boy returns to his village filled with hope for the future. But he is rejected by his family and after a terrible incident finds himself wanted for murder. The father he never knew turns out to be his only hope of redemption.


Pictures of the old world, Images du vieux monde4

Dusan Hanak
Tchécoslovaquie | 1972 | 74 minutes

Festivals / Awards
Alcan Prize, Canada 1989
Grand Prix, Nyon 1988

The director will attend

Pictures of the Old World is without doubt one of the masterpieces of European Documentary filmmaking. In it, Dusan Hanak captures on film encounters with an older generation of rural Slovakians and films their responses to the question: what gives meaning to your life? A rare chance to hear the simple and profound truths from people who have kept, or built over years despite physical hardship and solitude, an unfailing sense of what is essential.