Rerberg et Tarkovski. The other side of ‘Stalker’ / Рерберг и Тарковский. Обратная сторона „Сталкера“

Рерберг и Тарковский. Обратная сторона „Сталкера“

Documentary, Russia, 2009, 140, Colour, O/FS

by Igor Mayboroda

The detective story of “Rerberg and Tarkovsky. The Reverse Side of “Stalker” is based on previously unknown factual material discovered during the making of the film, so the viewer will be in for many surprises. However, the real point of the film is not to uncover the story of dramatic conflict, which took place between Georgi Rerberg and Andrei Tarkovsky, but to call the viewer’s attention to a great “passed personalities” of Andrei Tarkovsky, Georgi Rerberg, Victor Astafiev, Pavel Lebeshev, Sven Nykvist.

Best documentary Prix NIKA, Russia 2010;
Best documentary Prix Golden Eagle, Russia 2010