Indigène d’Eurasie / Евразиец


Fiction, Russia / France / Lithuania, 2010, 111 mn, Colour, O/FS

by Sharunas Bartas
with Sharunas Bartas, Klavdia Korchounova

Genia’s business dealings with the Russian mafia in Lithuania are becomuing more and more complicated. His plan is to leave for the West with his girlfriend, but decides to make a quick trip to Moscow to pick up the money he is owed. There he visits his longtime mistress, a beautiful call girl, Sasha who is in love with him. His efforts to get paid lead to ever more menacing engagements with local hoods, until he ends up committing a double murder. On the run with Sasha, he must also protect his Lithuanian lover from the long hand of the mafia. A suspenseful, lyrical and unsentimental film of great humanity.

Grand prix Festival du cinéma de la CEI,
Estonie, Lettonie et Lituanie “Kinoshock”, Russie, 2010;
Sélection officielle Berlin 2010