To Love

Friday, March 7th 2008 at 18h
L’Entrepôt Paris


To Love (Ljubav)

(Documentary, Yougoslavia, 1972, 23’)


Directed by : Vlatko Gilic


Synopsis :
One of the construction workers climbs to the ground, where his wife waits with a picnic. Affection surges through brief gestures. She pats his knee, he pushes a strand of hair out of her eyes while she beams at him. Mainly, they gaze at each other and eat and that simple act reveals an extraordinary sense of intimacy.

“The film fascinates by its particularly calm attitudes, the rhythm of the pictures resulting from it, by the severity of its structure and a nearly architectural picture composition. In the represented relationship between the bridge worker and his wife, the film stylizes wordless contradiction between the requirements of the modern working sphere and family.”
Nora Sayre