The Misfits

Tuesday, March 18th 2008 at 20h30
L’Ariel Mont-Saint Aignan


The Misfits

(Feature film, United States, 1960, 120’, Black and white, OVFST)


Directed by: John Huston
With: Clark Gable, Marilyn Monore, Montgomery Clift…Produced by: Seven Arts Production (Los Angeles)


Roslyn is a very beautiful woman who just got divorced. She meets two friends, Guido and Gay, who take her to Guido's house in the country to relax and forget the difficulties of the past few weeks. Everything is fine at first, but soon the two men fall in love with Roslyn and start showing some bad aspects of their characters. Soon they meet another friend of Gay's, and the four of them go to hunt some wild horses. This is when things just... explode!

The Misfits is assured of its place in the canon. It is the last film of two screen icons and contains a great performance by another, more mercurial talent; has a screenplay by a great American man of letters; and a man's man director - John Huston - from a Hollywood dynasty.”
Iain Millar